All They'll Need to Know

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  "Easily Provide Your Family With All They'll Need to Know During Any Family Emergency!

This A-B-C Simple and Easy Vital Records System will Protect Your Family in an Emergency!

Dear Concerned Family Provider,

My family can tell you from personal experience the importance of having on hand vital information in case of an emergency.  When Hurricane Ike hit the Gulf of Mexico in 2008 my daughter's home and all her belongings were swept away. 

All that was left was a few of the pillars to hold the house up off the ground.  When we were finally able to get on the peninsula to see for ourselves, we found that we had to prove ownership to even be admitted to the area.  

Well, how can you do that if everything you have to prove ownership is lost?
When difficulty strikes, you're stressed, confused and overwhelmed. The last thing you need is the difficulty of sorting through papers, looking for specific information that could protect your home, help you avoid frustrating legal issues, or even save a life.

In a perfect world, you'd have all of your documents organized and updated in a filing cabinet.  But even then, it's unrealistic to think you're going to unload those drawers and take the information with you.

The problem is - getting all your most important information into one, easy-to-access system isn't easy.  When I set out to pull all my vital information together, it took days of checking out different financial institutions, planning organizations, etc.  And that was just to figure out what I needed to have documented!

The fact is that there may come a day when your family may need important information you won't be able to provide.  The truth is, for most of us, it's not a matter of IF an emergency will occur, but WHEN. 

Frustrated with all the hassle of trying to figure out what information I really needed and how to put it together for my family, I decided to create a simple and complete kit so that others can have all the information they need in an emergency - at their fingertips, with none of the hassles I had to go through!

Finally, there's a simple and quick solution to creating your vital record system!

All They'll Need to Know, my easy vital record system, provides the forms to help you answer some very important questions that will be invaluable to your family in your absence.  

All They'll Need to Know will help your loved ones to make decisions according to your wishes if you are not there to advise them due to illness, death, or other emergency.  I've put the forms together in a simple format to save you time and research.
The 32-page book contains forms for providing:

  • Vital Statistics  
  • Professional Records
  • Military Records 
  • Funeral Instructions 
  • Names of those to Notify 
  • Financial Information regarding: 
  • Checking and Savings Accounts 
  • Location and Contents of Safe Deposit Box 
  • Certificates of Deposit 
  • Stocks 
  • Bonds 
  • Mutual Funds 
  • Savings Plans 
  • Retirement Programs
  • Trust Accounts
  • Real Estate 
  • Loans Payable and Receivable 
  • Insurance
  • Automobiles
  • Credit Cards

1.  Carry All They'll Need to Know on extended vacations. This lightweight and portable booklet will provide access to credit card information in case of lost or stolen card; insurance information in case of accident at home or away; contact information for friends and family.
2.  Take All They'll Need to Know with you to complete loan applications and have access to all creditor information, including name, address, phone, account number, beginning balance, payment amount, payment date, etc.
3.  Use All They'll Need to Know  as a reference tool at home for login information and quick access to account numbers and other pertinent information.
4.  All They'll Need to Know  is perfect for estate planning.  Your financial planner will love it if you walk in prepared, and it will also save you countless hours of time!
5.   All They'll Need to Know  provides all you need in one easy to use package!  One book is designed to accommodate personal  information for a couple, so only one is needed per household.

Word of caution: This book, once completed, contains sensitive information that should be kept secure.

Take a look at what some of our readers have to say:

The information in this book, in my opinion, is something everybody should be considering no matter what their age or health. The feeling of knowing that you will have everything you need in one place in the event something happens is worth its weight in gold. I have my copy and I'm already getting it setup.     ~Terry Rigg, Budget Stretcher
Joyce, you have made the process of compiling the important information my family needs a snap!  I've already walked through several emergencies, and I know the hardship of looking for information when overwhelmed.  Your simple system walks me through the whole process of pulling together all our records step-by-step.  All They'll Need to Know removes the overwhelm and confusion.  You're a life saver!       ~Lisa Preston
This book would have saved me countless hours of searching and distress when what I really needed was to just be able to grieve and heal.  Death is inevitable and doing the work in this book can give comfort to the ones you leave behind and free their spirits to honor you.    ~Jan Scott
This book is perfect for the busy person and the ones who like to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  I am very thankful to have this. All my wishes and wants upon death will not be questioned if my loved ones look at this book and follow my requests.    A vast amount of information, neatly compiled in a legible, relatively small book.  It's a time saver and information headquarters! It is perfect.  I love it.    ~Lynda Luther

 Here's what the media is saying about it! 

Speaking personally, when my mother died recently, in spite of the fact that it was inevitable and expected, it was amazing how unprepared we were to handle all the details.  We got my mother?s birthday wrong in the obituary and we couldn't locate some distant relatives without a lot of effort.  All of this would have been so much easier with this booklet.  ~ Marcella Gauthier, Escapees Magazine (Sharing the RV Lifestyle)  Jan/Feb 2003
This booklet could be very useful to attorneys who provide planning services and might replace other forms of questionnaires they distribute to clients.  Family members will also find the information they need to assume control for an ill or incapacitated parent?  ~ Scott Franklin, Wisconsin Lawyer, May 2003
Joyce, I have downloaded the Digital Version, and it is terrific!  Exactly what I wanted.  I have started filling in the blanks (right on my computer).  I am now down to 25 pages, plus or minus.  Many of the items do not pertain to me, or my family, (i.e. military service, etc.).   I am going to proceed with filling in the other blanks and working on preparing my future.  Thanks so much for your help.
~ Mona Walker
If YOU were the one left to make arrangements for your loved ones, would YOU know what to do?

This easy solution to preparing your family's important information will save you time,  eliminate frustration and could even protect the life of someone in your family!  All They'll Need to Know provides the forms to help you discuss and settle a variety of legal issues. . . saving your family endless hours of stress and hardship during an emergency situation. 

With your All They'll Need to Know easy record system, you'll rest assured your family will be prepared in case of an emergency.  Think of the peace and comfort your family will have, knowing all they'll need is at their fingertips, easily available at a moment?s notice!

What's my Investment?

If you were to compile the research for the vital records you'd need in case of emergency, it could take weeks.  If you valued your time (and sanity) at $15 an hour, you could look at spending $200 or more interviewing experts, copying forms, traveling from one institution to another.

And let's face it.  Most of us get started on a project and then if we have a question; the whole deal gets placed on the back burner.

Simply click the link below to be directed to my Etsy shop (Prepared In Every Way) to ensure your family's safety and protection.

Joyce Moseley Pierce
All They'll Need to Know creator and Family Emergency Enthusiast since 1989 

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